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Here's How Our Yard Signs Company Based In Waldorf, MD Is Helping Southern Maryland Celebrate Their Special Moments

Our yard signs rental company brings the celebration to you by installing custom happy birthday yard signs, graduation yard signs, holiday yard signs, and celebratory yard signs to celebrate your friend’s and/or family’s special occasion. 


Four Reasons Why Every Home Should Celebrate With Yard Signs

A child in front of a yard sign in waldorf, md playing in the front yard

Conveys Personality

Whether you choose a birthday yard sign or a graduation yard sign, custom yard signs are a great method to convey your home's individuality and the personality of the celebrated individual.


Personalized yard signs are much different than political (ex. biden harris yard sign). The combination of colorful materials and textures adds aesthetic interest and pulls the eye, attracting greater attention to your landscape.

Transforms Your Lawn

Green space decoration like custom yard signs, particularly on your lawn, enchants living areas and generates a sense of creativity. Personalized front yard signs add to the beauty of the environment, reaching far beyond the ordinary routine.

Easy To Maintain

With a custom yard sign from Yard Card Queen Waldorf, your yard sign rental installation is handled totally by us! You choose the theme (ex. christmas yard sign), the location in your yard, we arrive at a predetermined time, stake it, and pick it up once your yard sign rental is over. No work on your part.

What We Do

Personalized Yard Signs We Provide

Have you ever searched Google for ‘yard signs near me’? Well if you are located in Southern Maryland look no further than Yard Card Queen Waldorf. We provide several different types of popular yard signs to celebrate your special occasion and even provide custom yard signs to fine-tune your yard sign uniquely to the person for whom it is intended.

Birthday Yard Signs

Celebrate with sweet 16 yard signs, 40th birthday yard signs, 50th birthday yard signs, and much more! We also provide personalized happy birthday yard signs uniquely fit to the quirks and character of the intended recipient.

Business Yard Signs

Want to take your real estate yard signs to the next level? Or perhaps celebrate a one of your new homeowner clients with a custom just sold sign? Try one of our business yard signs to celebrate special moments related to you or your clients.

Celebration Yard Signs

Whether you need a it's a boy yard sign or its a girl yard sign we have a baby shower yard sign to celebrate your momentous occasion. From welcome home yard signs for vets returning home or anniversary yards signs for couples still married we have a celebratory sign for most any occasion.

Graduation Yard Signs

One of the greatest moments in a person's life should be celebrated in a grand fashion. Our personalized graduation yard signs will surely leave a lasting impression on the special day and the new graduate as they embark on yet another of life's milestones.

Holiday Yard Signs

From christmas yards signs to halloween yard signs, we have holiday yard signs for any occasion. Use them as a compliment to your holiday decor to add an enhanced touch of creativity and give a sense of individuality to your traditional holiday displays.

Custom Yard Signs

Because no two festivities are same, neither should the yard signs that commemorate them. We offer the ability for you to customize your yard sign into personalized yard signs specific to the individual that is being celebrated. Just indicate what you would like on our booking form and we will do our best to fulfill your wishes!

Frequently asked questions

Answers To Questions Our Yard Signs Rental Company In Waldorf, MD Receives Frequently

a little girl in front of a happy birthday yard sign in waldorf, md
Can I even post a yard card on my front lawn?

The question you’re probably asking yourself is, “Can I put a sign in my yard?” In order to commemorate a special occasion, some people choose to decorate their lawn by placing signage such as a yard sign or yard card on their property. In the vast majority of cases, placing a personalized yard sign in your yard will not cause any issues or complications. It’s possible that this is not permitted signage in your neighborhood if you live in a neighborhood with a Homeowners Association, so you should check with your HOA before renting a custom yard sign.

What are your custom yard signs made out of? Won't they get damaged in the rain?

Corrugated plastic is used to construct our yard signs and other promotional materials. The corrugated plastic is 4 millimeters (.157 inches) thick, which is industry standard for this type of material. This material offers an excellent combination of affordability and long-term dependability and durability.  Our rigid plastic yard signs and aluminum materials are excellent choices for those looking for tough, creative yard signs that can withstand unexpected inclement weather. These materials, which can be displayed in a variety of ways, provide a more permanent solution for signage requirements.

So am I renting a yard sign or do I get to keep it permanently?

Yes, we provide yard signs for rent. In contrast to some sign companies, which will only sell signs that can be purchased, we rent signs for one-time events such as birthday parties or family gatherings, In the addition, we provide installation and pickup services for the custom lawn signs we provide. A seamless experience and unforgettable experience is ensured by simply booking a yard sign rental from our company. 

What's the process? How do yard sign rental companies work?

You must fill out an order form on our website to reserve a yard sign from Yard Card Queen Waldorf. When filling out the booking form, make a note of the recipient’s favorite colors, hobbies, sports, meals, drinks, and any other interests you’d like to include in the yard card display. We then match that information to goods in our inventory that are available throughout the period of your rental reservation. Please include as many of the receiver’s favorites as possible in order to create the most personalized Yard Card possible for your special occasion. It’s better if there’s a lot of it!

Ok. How much does a personalized yard card cost?

Our standard yard card displays start at $95 for one daytime rental. Our yards cards can be customized for an additional cost to allow you to pick and choose from our inventory of various themes and flair pieces. The typical size of these yard card displays are 12-16ft in length. 


What Our Clients Are Saying

They did a fabulous job, were very conscientious, timely, and personal. Yard Card Queen made everything so special for us. Highly recommend!

-Kim S.

About Us

Yard Card Queen Waldorf

For personalized personal, school, and business greetings, we are the go-to custom yard sign greeting company! By giving a little love in a big way, our expert staff is dedicated to servicing the celebrations of individuals and communities. We form significant local relationships and contribute back into our communities. We view s erving others is an opportunity for us all to contribute. We find a cause, a passion, and then go out and serve in our communities. Even the smallest financial or time contribution can help. Every wonderful occasion is made a little bit better with our joyful and inspirational yard sign greetings. When you’re ready, let us know if we can help you create something unique for your next event!

Birthday, business, graduations, and holiday celebrations are made even more spectacular with personalized yard signs from Yard Card Queen Waldorf yard greeting rental service.




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